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Jammin’ for Asbestos Awareness

Rod Triplett Tribute Walk

September 14 to 19 in Australia.

Is asbestos contractor Mike Singh a victim of discrimination? We let you decide.

Asbestos contractor Mike Singh says  he is a victim of discrimination and has filed a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal against WorkSafe BC the provincial agency responsible for workplace health and safety in the province of British Columbia.

WorkSafeBC has filed a response denying Singh’s claims. According to associate general counsel Gerald Massing (As reported in the Vancouver Sun) “The only question is, “Are you breaking regulations.’”  

Please click here to visit our page with links and information about the case. Also read Mike’s column.

Mike Singh’s Column

Future site of Mike Singh’s column.

Asbestos contractor Mike Singh.

Rotterdam Convention

Rotterdam convention will meet in May 2015.

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